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Please test our products before purchasing. Unregistered versions of products are fully functional demo programs. To get the full version of a product you will need the product activation key, which is given on-line on a secure web page right after the purchasing of a product.
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Purchasing Center

Please, test our products before purchasing.

With Secure Online Ordering you can receive registration code to license your copy via the e-mail in a few minutes! We strongly recommend you to use the Secure Online Ordering. This is fast and secure.

Product Name Version Price OS Purchase
iBarcoder (Mac) 3.12.9 $49.95
Mac CD/DVD Label Maker (Mac) 2.6.0 $24.99
Mac Image Converter Pro (Mac). 1.1.0 $9.99
WMF Converter Pro (Mac) 3.4.6 $14.99
Home Business Card (Mac) 1.7.0 $24.99
PDF Image Extractor (Mac) 2.1.8 $9.99
Home Image Effects (MAC) 1.2.7 $4.99
Home Disk Labels (Mac) 1.9.2 $29.95
Desktop Publisher Pro (Mac) 2.2.8 $24.95
Home Print Labels (Mac) 2.0.0 $19.95
WMF Viewer (Mac) 2.6.3 $9.95
Home Image Viewer (Mac) 2.2.0 $4.99
Mega Fifteen (Mac Game) 1.2.2 $2.99
iBarcoder (PC) 1.3.7 $39.95
DBeMailer Pro (PC) 2.0.11 $19.95
Home Print Publisher (PC) 1.5.1 $9.95
Home Print Labels (PC) 2.3.4 $19.95
iWordBook 1.0.0 $1.99
Mega Fifteen 1.0.0 $0.99

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