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Please test our products before purchasing. Unregistered versions of products are fully functional demo programs. To get the full version of a product you will need the product activation key, which is given on-line on a secure web page right after the purchasing of a product.
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Company Information

Cristallight Inc. is happy to present you its best software for both MacOS and Windows. You can find bright and robust products on our site in areas of high demand, like

  • desktop publishing (Windows),
  • labeling and mail merge software (MacOS and Windows),
  • barcodes generating (MacOS),
  • mail management (Windows), and
  • image processing (MacOS and Windows).

   Using our applications you can create and print various documents like banners, newsletters, certificates, envelopes, greeting cards, brochures, labels, and more...; convert wmf images to mac image formats, extract images from large and unwieldy PDF files, send your mail using multiple mailing lists.

   Our products involve a lot of complicated features, can be learned to use with ease because of being intuitive. Just try, you will find our products utterly helpful.

   The unregistered versions of our products are fully functional products except for the "Demo Version" string over the printout.

   Getting the full version of a product is easy. You just

  1. pay for product,
  2. get the product activation key on a secure web page, and
  3. type in the key into your unregistered copy.

   Paying for our products means that you get all the subsequent updates free. You can always use the latest version of the product you purchased from us, just downlooad it from our site and start using it.

   Our objective is to provide you with the best solution for any product from the smallest maintenance one to the largest enterprise or decision support system in the next areas of expertise:

  •  Internet/intranet/extranet applications
  •  E-business applications
  •  Networking software
  •  Multimedia and Graphics
  •  Scientific applications
  •  3D Game programming ( Direct X, Open GL,  Sprocket technology )
  •  Decision support, business process optimization, and more.....

  Company personnel is a highly integrated team of computer scientists and software engineers. Each of our team members holds a graduate degree in mathematics, engineering, or computer sciences. Each is an experienced practitioner, with an average of over 15 years of hands on industrial experience.

  All of them provide you with a trusted and reliable source for on time, and within budget outsourcing of projects from the smallest application to the largest integrated embedded systems.

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