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Please test our products before purchasing. Unregistered versions of products are fully functional demo programs. To get the full version of a product you will need the product activation key, which is given on-line on a secure web page right after the purchasing of a product.
this is the section you purchase our applications.
You can get technical support, updated versions of the product, discounts for registered customers and latest news from our company.


Serial Number Error
I have put in the code that was given me before the download and it tells me this is the wrong code. How do I get the program to work?
The number is correct, the typing error could occur when entering it into the Serial Number dialog box. Please hilite it and then copy to the clipboard, launch the product, and paste to the edit field.
Every time I start the program on Windows Vista, it keeps asking me my full name, email address and product serial number. I enter the data and press the REGISTER box, but again and again; the program asks me to re-enter the same three (3) pieces of information over and over again.
For this purpose you should right click on the icon of the program and choose Properties menu item of the contents menu that appears. In the Properties dialog box choose Compatibilities tab, and set the check on "Run As Administrator". The second option is to download the fixing patch for Windows Vista from the product description on our site.
On-line Payment Process
Is it secure to pay on-line trough your payment system?
We use one of the most secure methods for purchasing over the Web. All transactions placed with us have their info transferred using RegNow SSL encryption. We utilize a E-Merchant solutions merchant account where further encryption is used to send data to verify credit card information and to transfer funds over a 128-bit secure line from your bank to ours!. Finally, no credit card info is stored on our servers except for subscription orders, and that is further encrypted via the latest database encryption methods. All our online security systems are on continually updated UNIX Web Servers and are hosted on one of the nation's most secure, and reliable Web hosting firms. We do this to give the customer as much security as possible while maintaining our current level of service. All of these measures are upgraded periodically to ensure the highest level of security with customer data.
Link to us
How can I link to the Cristallihgt web site?
The Cristallight Inc. welcomes links from other websites.
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